Security, emergency, outside and garden lighting

One of the common services we provide now which is wanted by many is the installation of outside security and garden lighting. While a well-designed lighting plan is essential for inside of your home, the same is sometimes forgotten for the exterior. Outside lighting improves safety and security for your home, while also allowing outdoor living areas to come to life and illuminate aesthetically pleasing lighting to your property.

Security and outside lighting can be installed via many different methods. Such as a timer allowing it to switch on at certain times, A photocell allowing it to turn on and off at dusk and dawn, a PIR sensor bringing areas to light when movement is sensed or simply via a switch. Whichever is your preferred method we will be happy to help.

We also offer emergency lighting for areas such as communal areas in commercial and domestic premises. Emergency lighting can be essential to illuminate escape routes and meeting points within premises. This allows the lighting to illuminate for an extra 3 hours if loss of power occurs. If you require design and installation of this then we will be more than happy to help.

Please feel free to contact us on our contact us form if you require any more information regarding the services we offer or information regarding security, emergency, outside and garden lighting.