Full/ Part Rewires

Here at J.E.C Electrical Contractors we are commingly being asked if my house needs rewiring. This can be the case in many aspects but below is some information on why a rewire may be needed within your property.

Firstly, Old wiring can degrade over time. This could result in certain faults occurring and aspects of your electrical system not working correctly. A part rewire may be necessary in order to get your installation up and working again wither it’s only a small part of a circuit that needs rewiring or a full circuit rewire that is needed we are able to help.

Old Wiring systems installed in the 50s, 60s, 70s or even in the 80s are not designed to deal with the kind of demand that twenty-first century electrical usage puts upon them. They are simply inadequate for the size and number of appliances that we now use every day in our homes. In order for the electrical installation to be able to cope sometimes a rewire is undertaken to allow adequate changes to be made to the installation. We are able to help with the design and install stages of alteration.

If you want to sell your house, buyers and mortgage lenders want to know that the home wiring is safe and adequate for the demands of modern living. Wiring in older homes is unlikely to meet current regulations. A recent rewire can help to sell an older home and be more appealing to new buyers whilst also if you have recently bought a new home and want to add in a large amount of new electrical lights / socket outlets then a rewire can also be a sensible choice.

Signs that you might need to rewire your home include visibly worn electrical cable; electrical shocks from appliances, sockets, and switches; outlets and cords that get warm when in use; fuses that blow regularly; frequent power outages; and old wiring accessories such as two-pronged outlets rather than three-pronged.

Please feel free to contact us on our contact us form if you require any more information regarding the services we offer or information regarding full / part rewires.